What Every Leader Should Know About Their Reputation

Excellent leadership starts with self-awareness, being totally aware of how your unique qualities, leadership skills, performance and bugs that might hinder a successful leadership are perceived. This is what knowing the content of your reputation is all about since others always see your strengths and flaws best. It turns reputation into a critical leadership tool that should be a natural part of the best leadership programmes. 

One brilliant example of leadership programmes that understands this and has put it into action is FEW – For Executive Women run by Trustpartner here in Sweden. The leaders who participate in this program get the possibility to have their reputation explored and expanded.

Forward-thinking leaders will invest in their reputation, making it the Key Performance Indicator of their leadership, adding a new dimension. However, despite many leadership programmes and numerous tests, most leaders are unaware of the content of their reputation.

When it comes to leadership, the intersection of corporate and personal reputation is a fascinating and profitable area that needs to be considered. According to Weber Shandwick’s research, top executives’ reputation affects the entire company’s reputation with a substantial impact on the market value. 

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