The Silent Reputation Revolution

Let’s face it, we’re operating in a reputation-driven economy, and we can’t hide from it. Your reputation is both your professional DNA and the story that you continuously bring to the world. The paradox is that your professional stakeholders – your boss, clients, colleagues or employees – are more familiar with your reputation than you are yourself. It might be time to do something about it.

We are experiencing a silent reputation revolution; nevertheless, it affects us in every phase of our professional lives. Whatever position you might have, everything revolves around your professional reputation. It’s your most valuable asset and success factor that you should explore, handle and expand. You might have brilliant business ideas or career strategies, but it all comes down to your reputation.

“Success in life or in business is entirely built on your reputation”. These words by Richard Branson says it all. Seth Godin wrote that your reputation has the same impact on your life as what you actually do. Can you think of any other single strategy with the same impact on your professional life?

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