The Reputation Resumé

My drive and commitment for the last ten years have been to find a tool and a complete approach to all the key factors that make you successful in leadership, when attracting clients, getting hired or in professional growth. 

Today I’m confident to suggest that the tool is the knowledge of your reputation since in that way you get a complete and trustworthy picture of how your level of expertise, unique qualities, performance and bugs are perceived. The benefits of expanding your reputation out of this knowledge are immense.

We attract clients or get hired based on our unique qualities and the expectations that our reputation sets. The paradox is that those are the exact same things that we have such a hard time describing reliably, we have only a vague idea of what they look like. 

Your reputation is your most crucial professional asset. A Reputation Resumé is a unique report highlighting every part of your reputation. It indicates your full capacity and what can be expected of you to accomplish. 

My commitment is to make it the most important document in your professional life.

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