The Reputation Resumé.

The first reaction that I often get when I discuss exploring an individual’s reputation through a Reputation Resumé is that it’s a bit scary. This might also be one good reason to find out what it looks like to be able to handle it. The most common reaction that I get when I give feedback on the result is one of excitement and pride when realizing their true capacity. We are far more talented than we give ourselves credit for. 

I meet so many people with a very impressive past but I still think it’s wise to start focusing on their pitch for the future. Expectations rule and are the things that make people take notice. You should use the knowledge and power of your reputation to your advantage since that’s what creates these expectations and gets you hired. Your reputation will be your greatest asset and it will over time make competition irrelevant.

Your reputation always walks ahead of you. It stands up for you when you are not there and important decisions are made and it does the job before you arrive. People will know what to expect when you come around the corner and it has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do. If you get curious and want to explore your reputation and have a Reputation Resumé – let’s talk. 

I suggest that it’s the most important document in your professional life.

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