Why Reputation?

rawpixel-com-586685-unsplashYour professional reputation is today your most critical success factor, and by far your most valuable asset for several reasons: 

It has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do. 

It sets the expectations of what you can accomplish and how which is the reason why you’re being hired. 

It’s a complete approach to how others perceive your unique qualities, result skills, level of expertise, performance and bugs. 

It’s the best tool for your professional growth. 

There is no other single strategy with the same impact as getting to know and expanding your reputation. People will choose to work with you, hire you or invest in you based on it. The paradox is that it’s also your most unknown and unexploited asset. It’s time to take control. 

David Moody – Consultant, Brisbane Australia: ’You are doing the impossible Per – you are pointing to the very hub, the heart of all things for business, for consultants, for everything.’

Sven Hultin Inceptionist HR – Future of Work: ‘Your approach is powerful, revolutionary, beautiful and personally mind blowing. Thank you for what you do to people and organisations.’