The Best Sign You’re Doing A Remarkable Job

Suddenly so much changed, and I notice how many consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders are looking for new ways to show their real value to attract new clients. The knowledge of your reputation is the key since it sums up how your actions are perceived of the last years, indicates your capacity and sets expectations regarding what you can accomplish and how. That is the most critical information that we need.

Great results and amazing work is not about where you are working, but what you do and how you do it. The best sign that you’re doing a remarkable job is that you have your reputation as your greatest asset because reputation is everything. Let’s face it, we’re operating in a reputation-driven economy, and we can’t hide from it.

I’m sometimes asked why I find it so exciting about working in the field of reputation. Besides being an excellent approach to highlighting your unique qualities and flaws, what probably fascinates me the most is how it uncovers your as-yet hidden capacity and capabilities, factors that indicate what you could accomplish in your career or business. It’s the foundation of everything in your professional life, and I’m convinced that knowing your reputation is the game-changer. It’s a genuine privilege to serve in this area.

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