The Beauty of Reputation

I have the genuine pleasure to meet and work with some of the game-changers who don’t have just a job; they have an approach where they consider their reputation for being their greatest asset. Developing an excellent reputation is also about committing to regularly push yourself beyond your comfort zone, keeping yourself in permanent beta mode while continually expanding your skills. It’s action and performance before planning.

I’ve gained the reputation of being a pioneer and game-changer, breaking new grounds also in an international context. Of course, it’s nothing that I would ever say about myself, but having it in my reputation is an entirely different thing. It’s the beauty of reputation.

I love working with bold companies, and one of them is the Swedish IT-company QGroup with more than 500 consultants in different countries. They have genuinely understood the immense value of reputation, and their brilliant consultants are given the opportunity to explore and expand their reputation as part of their professional development process. The company truly represents the next-generation approach to consulting; they are the game-changers among consultancies. They are brilliant.

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