The Beauty of Reputation

I have the words’ pioneer’ and ‘game-changer’ in my reputation, and it makes me both immensely proud and humble. I would never say that about myself, but I don’t have to since it’s part of my reputation – and that’s the beauty of it. This is one reason why I consider my reputation to be significantly more important than my track record.

We are only as talented as people perceive us to be. It might sound a bit drastic, but most clients that I work with when producing their Reputation Resumés, are often far more talented than they’re aware of or promote. It increases their self-awareness and makes them see their performance and capacity in a whole new light. It’s a huge privilege to serve in this area.

One thing that I initially had a hard time accepting was that I don’t own my reputation since it’s how others are perceiving my actions, unique qualities and bugs. What I quickly realised was that once that I knew the content of it, I could influence it in significant ways. Reputation is something you earn by doing truly great work, treating people well, and staying genuine. You can’t have an excellent reputation without putting in this effort.

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