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The Gig Economy.

We are in the Gig Economy where so many of our best talents choose to start their own solo companies and work in a way that suits their life-style, passion […]


Dwelling On Your Weaknesses.

Gary Vaynerchuk has that kind of slightly provocative attitude that I like. He wrote: “Don’t dwell on your weaknesses, everybody else is doing that for you.” Success is built on […]


Releasing The Beta Version Of Me.

I discovered that releasing the Beta Version of me is a great way to build reputation. It means that like an app launch constant improvements, realizing that I have bugs […]


Seth Godin On Reputation.

I keep coming back to the brilliant marketing icon Seth Godin and his thoughts on reputation that he published in one of his blogposts: ”Reputation is what people expect us […]


The impact of HOW.

One thing that I sometimes struggle with is that people don’t really care about what I’m doing, it’s what I’m doing that add value to them that matters. At the […]


Building Reputation Instead Of A Resumé.

Reputation and expectations rule the market and everything revolves around it. We are in the middle of a mind shift that takes us from promoting history to future, from experience […]


Your Reputation Sums It All Up.

Your reputation sums up all you have done the last five to ten years and how you went about it. It’s THE thing that you can bring from project to […]


Reputation Of The Recruiter.

In an interesting article, “Uberfication Of The Workplace” J.T O’Donell discusses the importance of reputation among recruiters. She writes that: “75% of the interesting talents say that they research online […]


Let Your Name Cary Your Reputation.

After exploring an entrepreneur’s or freelancer’s reputation we often end up in discussions if they on their website should act under a company name or their own name. To me […]


Raise The Bar Of Your Business Approach.

Have you ever considered how you come through in business meetings or presentations? This is of course crucial both when doing business in your own country and when you’re aiming […]


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