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Tag: Personal Branding

Unlock The Power Of Reputation.

What keeps surprising me is that we don’t pay more attention to our unique qualities or strengths than we do. Tom Peters, management guru, said: “If I see the word […]

Reputation Is All About Performance.

Your reputation is not primarily a communication issue, instead it means focusing on your performance giving it your absolute best. You don’t own your reputation, it’s in the eyes of […]

It’s All About The Value.

One thing that I try to remember is that people don’t really care about what I’m doing, it’s what I’m doing that add value to them that matters. At the […]

To All You Great People In HR.

I see a lot of writing about the 2017 HR trends where one is a greater focus on soft skills. One way for all of you great people in HR […]

The Wrong Leader 82% Of The Time?

According to Entrepreneur, companies appoint the wrong person to a management or leadership position 82 percent of the time. I don’t know if that figure is relevant everywhere but, one […]

Talking About Bugs.

When working with an individual’s reputation I have a distinct focus on their perceived strengths and unique qualities. I never talk about weaknesses, instead we discuss the bugs that might […]

The Third Reputation Question.

Your reputation is built on the way you act and there are three important areas that you should handle. Build on your strengths, handle your bugs and consider what is […]

What Keeps Me Going As An Entrepreneur?

Sometimes I’m asked what keeps me going as an entrepreneur and to me it’s about looking for new ways of doing things and become the nerd combining what I´m really […]