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Tag: Per Frykman

Your Reputation Is A Game Changer

  I read the following on The Gigster Blog: “There are many types of currency in Silicon Valley. Money, talent and media attention all matter but by far the most […]

Reputation Is The Best Measure Of Your Talent.

An interesting article turned up in Forbes Magazine – “Four Bitter Facts You Should Understand About Your Reputation” written by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, who is a Professor of Psychology at UCL […]

Your Professional DNA

Reputation is built on performance and how your expertise, unique qualities and bugs are perceived. It’s your professional DNA. It’s the story that you bring to the world, and it’s […]

Imagine if …?

I have never been fond of setting goals since I will miss a lot of other exciting opportunities that keep popping up. To me, it has been much more fun […]

The Reputation Resume™

I often get questions about The Reputation Resume™. I got the idea of the name from a headline in a newspaper ”Your Reputation Is Your Resume.” The Reputation Resume™ a […]

Reputation Is All About Performance.

Your reputation is not primarily a communication issue. Instead, it means focusing on your performance giving it your absolute best. You don’t own your reputation; it’s in the eyes of […]

A Review Of Our New Book

This is a review by Petar Vicevic on LinkedIn: “The world is going through digital transformation which means the landscape of how we work is changing – the workforce is […]