Reputation – The Inner Game.

I’ve been on the road as an entrepreneur for 25 years. Almost 20 years ago I worked with performance coaching in sports, and my ‘bible’ was the book ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ by Tim Gallwey. The last ten years, I’ve been exploring the fascinating area of reputation, and everything comes together beautifully. Even if your reputation is about how others perceive you, it’s an inner game since it’s built on your performance and how you use your unique qualities.

You don’t own your reputation since it’s in the eyes of the beholders; you can’t control what other people think about you or your business. But you can influence it in major ways since it builds on your performance, answering which situations produce brilliance and which produce your bugs. You can’t opt-out of having a reputation – the best thing to do is finding out what it looks like to manage it successfully.

Your reputation is critical, but I also hear people saying that you shouldn’t be that concerned about what others think about you. But dismissing reputation is not such a great idea. Your reputation ultimately determines your future opportunities and successful people have often stated that their reputation is a fundamental ingredient to their success.

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