Reputation and “The New Normal”.

We’re leaving the normal, and I would also say that we’re leaving the new normal since there will be no normal. One effect is that we might have to move into new professional areas more often and with limited experience. It’s a huge advantage to understand that your reputation is the essential part that you can bring from project to project since it highlights how you do things. It’s the complete approach to your expertise, experience, unique qualities creating results and performance. It’s more valuable today than ever before.

Work from home has become kind of a mantra in the future of work discussions, and I think that we’re missing something fundamental here. Instead, it’s about the choice of working from anywhere. It’s the freedom to work from places where we are most productive, combining efficiency with quality of life. I’ve had the privilege to work in this way for the last years with the Reputation Mastery concept.

With the vast amount of knowledge available online, the tricky question is whether you will be seen as trustworthy if you call yourself an expert, though-leader or guru today. I’m convinced that your reputation will do the job since being perceived as an expert or thought-leader is an entirely different matter.

Let’s talk about reputation.

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