Releasing the Beta Version Of You.

Apps on our smartphones are released in a beta version and are then continuously being updated to improve it, with the developers aiming for something excellent over time.

This way of thinking could also apply to your professional growth, and you could release the beta version of you, realising that you also have bugs, and then keep continuously updating yourself.

The approach builds on curiosity, courage, and action, and it gives your reputation a boost. It’s a game-changer that transforms the word ‘weaknesses’ into bugs. When releasing something new, bugs are quite natural and can be continually updated. Understanding this will have a significant effect on how you act, and It will help you to stop associating risk with failure.

Developing an excellent reputation is also about committing to regularly push yourself beyond your comfort zone, keeping yourself in permanent beta mode while continually expanding your skills. It’s action and performance before planning, and it makes you do things differently, making bolder decisions.

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