Per Frykman

PerF.7Founder of Reputation Mastery – Taking You To A New Professional Level. 

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM ME:  Knowing your reputation is THE dividing-line. People will buy from you, work with you, invest in you and hire you based on your reputation and the expectations that accompany it. It has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do. 

Exploring every inch of your professional reputation will provide you with the keys and tools that you need for your future success. Based on my experience of working with more than 1100 consultants, entrepreneurs, employees, and leaders in different countries I can offer you a unique approach.


”Per is a dedicated game-changer, and by exploring your professional reputation, he highlights your hidden success factors. He contributes to a unique self-awareness that brings you courage, action and indicates your full potential. His reputation feedback is one of those extraordinary eureka moments and by hiring Per new exciting ideas emerge taking you to the next professional level. His methods are breaking new grounds also in an international context.”

The above is based on the anonymous answers from ten clients analyzed by Caroan Consulting.