About Per Frykman


”Considered a pioneer in his field, Per takes your professional reputation to a new dimension and challenges you to stand out as unique”.

“Per passionately leads the development of Your Professional Reputation and takes it to a new dimension, striving for excellence. He is in the absolute front line also in an international perspective, sees new cutting edge perspectives, and his articles and books are groundbreaking.

Per is a bold and curious entrepreneur who works with a quality standard and passion that is outstanding – his ambition inspires more than usual. He inspires trust with his profound expertise in the area, and with his humility he challenges you to fully use your professional potential. He creates winners that dare to stand out as unique.”

Track Record: se.linkedin.com/in/frykman 

Per is the founder of Your Professional Reputation™ and has contributed to the success of more than a thousand consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders in seven countries helping them to explore and expand their reputation.

He is also the author of four books – the first was nominated best book in the leadership area in 2005. He is passionate about helping you to utilize the huge power of your professional reputation.


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