Making Your Business or Career a Whole New Ballgame.

Self-awareness has become a vital key in business and leadership today. People with a high level of self-awareness make smarter decisions and are more successful. Self-awareness is the ability to understand how others see us, and it’s what knowing your reputation is all about. Once you understand the full-scale impact of your reputation, your business or career will be a whole new ballgame. This impact is something that you should always consider when deciding on which actions to take. 

One thing that I initially had a hard time accepting was that I don’t own my reputation since it’s how others are perceiving my actions, unique qualities and bugs. What I quickly realised was that once that I knew the content of it I could influence it in significant ways. Reputation is something you earn by doing truly great work, treating people well, and staying genuine. You can’t have an excellent reputation without putting in this effort.

Whatever roads you choose to travel, your reputation will be affected. 

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