Is Your Reputation Working For You or Against You.

Seeking the truth about your reputation is crucial to understand what factors are working for you – or against you. The key to building an excellent reputation is being consistent in how you follow through on your unique qualities creating results and it’s about knowing your bugs and a commitment to handle them. It builds on your performance and the best sign that you’re doing a brilliant job is that you have your reputation as your greatest asset.

Your reputation is the ONE key factor that decides your professional success.

  • It has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do.
  • It sets the expectations of what you can accomplish and how.

Knowing the content of your reputation is not primarily a marketing tool; instead, it’s the ultimate tool for your professional growth. You will realise what you can accomplish, making bolder decisions and your promotion will more or less take care of itself. People will know what to expect when you come around the corner, and no paperwork in the world can live up to that.

Your future success will build on your reputation, the expectations that it creates, and the trust that it builds. If we can just reach that understanding, make it a mindset, and commit to it, exciting things will happen.

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