Every Craft Has Its’ Masters.

Every craft has its masters. Reputation Mastery is the commitment to making the most excellent contribution in your particular area. It’s not about the ambition to be the best, instead it’s experiencing the true joy of becoming truly good in your area. People with this mindset build an outstanding reputation since they never settle for less and have their reputation as their greatest asset.

I see reputation as a mindset, a lifestyle and a game changer since it highlights your capacity and what can be expected of you to accomplish. Reputation Mastery means entering on an exciting journey built on your willingness to know and expand your unique qualities and being aware of and handle your bugs that might hinder your success. It has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do.

We attract clients, investors or get hired on our reputation and unique qualities and the paradox is that this is also our most unknown assets. If you are not one hundred percent aware of what they look like, how are you ever going to convince others?

Once you understand the massive impact of your reputation, your business or career will be a whole new ballgame. This impact is something that you should always consider when deciding on which actions to take.

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