Closing The Reputation Gap.

A growth mindset has become a popular topic today. One interesting way of working is closing the reputation gap between how you see and promote your talents and how they, and your performance are perceived by your professional stakeholders. This is an excellent way to raise the bar of your professional approach gaining access to your unique qualities. We are far more talented than we know or give ourselves credit for.

We live and work in a turbulent and extremely competitive market today. I talk to many consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders today who are  seeking new ways to attract clients, assignments or investors. They could have brilliant business ideas or career strategies, but everything lands in their reputation. I tell them that having their reputation as their most valuable asset is the best sign that they’re doing an excellent job. There is a huge power in it – it only needs to be explored and expanded.

It’s time to take the knowledge of reputation from something interesting to something necessary since reputation is everything.

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