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Your Reputation Is Everything.

I’m often asked about my fascination with the area of reputation and the answer is simple. Your reputation is everything. It’s the one thing that everything else in your professional […]

Your Story & Your Reputation.

The story that you or your business bring to the world should be pure inspiration and not focused so much on logical arguments. Your reputation is based on your actions […]

Being A Workofrolic.

I must admit that I don’t have a work-life balance since my work is completely integrated with the rest of my life. Richard Saint John coined the word Workofrolic in […]

From Storyteller To Storydoer

I’m always fascinated by the power of telling a great story that highlights your concept and way of thinking. You can take it one step further and go from being […]

Dwelling On Your Weaknesses.

Gary Vaynerchuk has that kind of slightly provocative attitude that I like. He wrote: “Don’t dwell on your weaknesses, everybody else is doing that for you.” Success is built on […]

The impact of HOW.

One thing that I sometimes struggle with is that people don’t really care about what I’m doing, it’s what I’m doing that add value to them that matters. At the […]

Building Reputation Instead Of A Resumé.

Reputation and expectations rule the market and everything revolves around it. We are in the middle of a mind shift that takes us from promoting history to future, from experience […]

Let Your Name Carry Your Reputation.

After exploring an entrepreneur’s or freelancer’s reputation we often end up in discussions if they on their website should act under a company name or their own name. To me […]