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You Are Your Reputation.

Your reputation always walks ahead of you and as a consultant, freelancer and entrepreneur, you ARE your reputation. Everything in your business life revolves around it. Today there are completely […]

Crisis Management Is Always Too Late.

There is a scandal going on in one of the biggest unions in Sweden with possible implications for the Foreign Minister. Crises- and PR consultants are being called in or […]

The Reason Why You’re Being Hired.

The most important part of my work with reputation is creating a buzz around the real reason why you are being hired as an entrepreneur and consultant. This is not […]

The Reputation Tragedy.

Since your reputation sets the level of the expectations that your clients and colleagues have of what you can accomplish and how you will do it, it’s kind of a […]

To Skyrocket Your Reputation.

Ten of my clients has chosen to redo the process of analyzing their professional reputation after 4-5 years and in every case their reputation has improved dramatically. What surprised me […]