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Our Trust Has Just Moved.

One of the greatest and most important changes today is that our trust has just moved from the company to the individual. I don’t really trust my bank or insurance […]

Never Crowded On The Extra Mile.

Richard Branson wrote that it’s never crowded along the extra mile. So true and it’s the same road that leads towards being remarkable and unique. Hard work? Of course, it’s […]

Success Means Being Valued By Others.

The thing is that you will never be successful unless you are being valued by others, since they are the people that will hire you, promote you, spread your message […]

Excellence Is Not An Ambition.

I’ve been considering for a while about the best way to promote my work with reputation and the answer is actually simple. Constantly add value and do an awesome job […]

My Writing Spot In Bella Tuscany.

The more I work with reputation in an international context, I can be located wherever I wish to put down my computer and use the power of Skype. The big […]

The Risk Of Being Undervalued.

My overall impression after working with so many individuals around their reputation is that a huge majority aren’t aware of their unique qualities and are at risk of being undervalued […]

Your Reputation Can Be A Life Changer.

Have you considered what you actually could accomplish? It’s about your willingness to build on your perceived strengths, take som risks and going after something great. It means realizing that […]

Your Expertise Can Never Stand Alone.

Today it’s about standing out as remarkable and aiming for the position of being top of mind. Heading down this road, your expertise can never stand alone since by itself […]