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Category: Reputation

Working From Anywhere

I often look upon and change my own way of working. I while back I decided not to have an office, instead put a virtual label on my computer as […]

Who Is Doing The Boasting?

Jonathan Rick wrote in the Magazine Fast Company that the problem with your bio is not the boasting, it’s who is doing the boasting.  Here Jonathan catches the real strength in working […]

Why I Love Working In Airports.

I have always loved working in airports and I can be there for hours. Of course, it’s about being on the road, meeting new people and getting new perspectives. To […]

We Invest In YOU

I am following Dragon’s Den in both Sweden, UK and in The US with great interest. What has struck me is how often they say that they invest in YOU […]

Reputation Management Offline

Reputation management is often associated with building and protecting your individual reputation online. However important that is, it’s even more important to first be aware of your reputation offline and then […]

Doing The Impossible?

I got a mail from one of my connections on LinkedIn, David Moody, a consultant in Brisbane, Australia who often shares and have interesting comments on my updates. He wrote: […]

What Your Clients Are Buying

What your clients and stakeholders are buying today is the expectations created by you, your reputation and potential. This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history. There is something […]

To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone

I stepped out of my own comfort zone10 years ago to be on the edge exploring the area of Reputation and all the huge possibilities that it opens up. Driven […]