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Category: Reputation

Act Before You Know What To Do Next.

I’ve met so many people saying that they don’t really know what they want to do next in their professional future. Many career coaches give the advice on how important […]

The Best Business Advice I Ever Got.

A couple of years back I read a piece by Daniel Pink where he compared what the three great management thinkers, Seth Godin, Tom Peters and Jim Collins had in […]

Average Is Over.

For some reason the mindset of “good enough” has been widely accepted. But, in my opinion, this is a fundamentally wrong way of thinking and it will affect your reputation. […]

Being Hired Upon Your Reputation

You may have noticed that great projects are not filled with people sending in their resumés, they are filled with people with a great reputation. The reason is that your […]

I Went For My Dream

Some ten years ago I found out that not even experts in work-life had a clear picture what the key factors that created results and eventually success looked like. They […]

Reputation And Trust

Today I see many articles about new ways of working and running a business, collaborating with people wherever they are located. Everyone seems to agree that the new key factors […]

Taking Calculated Risks

Taking risks is part of being an entrepreneur challenging the status quo. When we think about risks we normally think about failure, getting scared and want to get the hell […]

Start With How

Simon Sinek has written the brilliant book “Start With Why” where he pinpoints who will be successful through inspiration and I totally agree with his arguments. I would like to […]