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Category: Reputation

The Beta Version Of You™

Many apps on smartphones are released in Beta versions and are gradually improved. We see drastic changes heading into the Gig economy and it´s time for all of us to release […]

Reputation vs Personal Branding

I’m often asked about the difference between personal branding and reputation and I actually think that they are two different species. If you think about developing yourself as a brand, […]

Your Professional DNA

Stories are considered by many to be more powerful than brands. This is also true for you as an individual since your reputation is your professional DNA and the story […]

Moving My Office To Tuscany.

It’s time to move my computer = office to Tuscany for the next ten days. With a new and beautiful environment, exciting ideas will be created and I can work […]

Act Before You Know What To Do Next.

I’ve met so many people saying that they don’t really know what they want to do next in their professional future. Many career coaches give the advice on how important […]

The Best Business Advice I Ever Got.

A couple of years back I read a piece by Daniel Pink where he compared what the three great management thinkers, Seth Godin, Tom Peters and Jim Collins had in […]

Average Is Over.

For some reason the mindset of “good enough” has been widely accepted. But, in my opinion, this is a fundamentally wrong way of thinking and it will affect your reputation. […]