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Category: Reputation

The End Of Expertise

Something fundamental is happening that is rewiring the brains of our clients and also opens up completely new possibilities and new ways of working. This change is crucial for everyone […]

Let’s Go Out And Make History!

After one of my seminars, a guy from New York came up to me and said: ”There is a huge difference between the US and Sweden, when you mention the […]

Rebooting Reputation

Something has changed how business life and the business world is working today. We’re approaching turbulent times in the economy and its time to get hold of the best tools […]

Embrace imperfection.

My co-author of the book ”The Beta Paradigm” Kristina Närman wrote in  a blog about how we shouldn’t seek perfection, but instead embrace imperfection. It’s about starting before you are […]

The Beta Version Of You™

Many apps on smartphones are released in Beta versions and are gradually improved. We see drastic changes heading into the Gig economy and it´s time for all of us to release […]

Reputation vs Personal Branding

I’m often asked about the difference between personal branding and reputation and I actually think that they are two different species. If you think about developing yourself as a brand, […]

Your Professional DNA

Stories are considered by many to be more powerful than brands. This is also true for you as an individual since your reputation is your professional DNA and the story […]