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Category: Reputation

Your Reputation Can Be A Life Changer.

Have you considered what you actually could accomplish? It’s about your willingness to build on your perceived strengths, take som risks and going after something great. It means realizing that […]

Your Expertise Can Never Stand Alone.

Today it’s about standing out as remarkable and aiming for the position of being top of mind. Heading down this road, your expertise can never stand alone since by itself […]

A New Pair Of Slim Selvedge Jeans.

Have you ever considered how you come through in business meetings or presentations? This is of course crucial both when doing business in Sweden and an important key factor when […]

Winners Quit All The Time

To be really good at something, to be remarkable, you have to say no to a lot of things. Seth Godin once wrote that it’s a myth that winners never […]

The Story You Bring To The World.

Management icon Tom Peters wrote in a tweet: ”Stories are more powerful than brands – and the best story wins”. This is also true for you as an individual and […]

You Are Your Reputation.

Your reputation always walks ahead of you and as a consultant, freelancer and entrepreneur, you ARE your reputation. Everything in your business life revolves around it. Today there are completely […]