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Category: Personal Branding


The Expert’s Dilemma.

The half-life of our knowledge used to be 25-30 years and is now down to 5 years and other things become relevant to support a great reputation. This means that […]


The Essential Skills Today.

The magazine Fast Company recently pinpointed five essential skills today. They put forward the ability to spot today’s trends and collaborating in new ways. Building Brands and Reputation was another […]


Your Reputation Is Everything.

I’m often asked about my fascination with the area of reputation and the answer is simple. Your reputation is everything. It’s the one thing that everything else in your professional […]


Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle.

To me entrepreneurship is about a lifestyle combining exciting work with a quality of life. My goal as an entrepreneur is always to add great value, but at the same […]


Don’t Associate Risk With Failure.

One thing that has been crucial to me as an entrepreneur is to give myself permission to screw up and also to stop associating risk with failure. We live in […]


Please, Call Me Crazy.

One thing that I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey is that when people think that you are a bit crazy you are probably on the right track – just keep […]


Are Your Strengths Just Buzzwords?

What keeps surprising me is that we have such a hard time accepting and introducing our strengths and why some even call them buzzwords. At the same time we see […]


Rethinking The Hiring Process.

When hiring you should look for and attract the irreplaceable, people who challenge the mediocre and deep inside know that they can challenge the status quo to create great things. […]


Never Crowded On The Extra Mile.

Richard Branson wrote that it’s never crowded along the extra mile. So true and it’s the same road that leads towards being remarkable and unique. Hard work? Of course, it’s […]


The Oxygen Of Your Business.

What is the oxygen of your business? The things that keep you going and that you should prioritize. I’m not talking about business plans or strategy. What are the things […]


Small Has Become The New Big.

Reputation is not a communication issue, instead it means focusing on your performance. Be really, really good and raise the bar of your business approach. You need to build trust […]