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Category: Per Frykman


From Personal Branding To Reputation.

My entrepreneurial journey has taking me from working with personal branding to working with reputation and I’m often asked why. As a matter of fact they are two different species […]


My Crazy Mission As An Entrepreneur.

I sometimes get questions why I keep on writing in English. My answer is that my Crazy Mission is to spread the concept of Reputation Mastery™ to so many different […]


Taking Pride In What You Do.

When exploring an individual’s reputation I’m always happy when I find that a person is perceived to take pride in what she is doing. The best way to expand your […]


Your Reputation Sums It All Up.

Your reputation sums up all you have done in the last five to ten years and how you did it. It’s THE thing that you can bring from project to […]


4 Guidelines To Reputation Mastery™.

I simply love the elegance of simplicity and, here are four brief but important guidelines to Reputation Mastery™: The first is the insight that your reputation is everything today. It’s […]


Narrowing The Gap.

Managing your reputation means narrowing the gap between how you are perceived and what you are. Fifteen of my clients has chosen to redo the process of mapping their reputation […]


I Love Working With Bold Companies.

I´m proud of having the opportunity to work with some bold and great companies. I have previously written about my work together with QGroup who represents the next generation approach […]