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Category: Per Frykman

My Next Book Coming Up.

Now it’s time for the final steps for my new book “Let’s Talk About Reputation.” With my brilliant designer Kikki Högberg living in Portugal, it’s a great example of remote […]

The Craftsmanship Approach.

I’m privileged to meet and work with some of the game changers who don’t have just a job; they have a true craftsmanship approach, with their reputation as their greatest […]

It’s Never About Self-Promotion.

Fiona Tribe from Australia wrote on Twitter: “If your personal brand is a reflection of who you really are, then I’d argue it’s not your personal brand. It’s just you.” […]

Do Personal Brands Really Exist?

Now and then I find something genuinely profound on Twitter, this time from Fiona Tribe (White Owl) in Australia who wrote: “If your personal brand is a reflection of who […]

To Future-proof Your Career Or Business.

Our mind often takes us in different directions, we see risks more clearly than opportunities, and we can introduce results easier than what can be expected of us. We accept […]

New Ways To Show Your Value.

Something has changed how business life is working today, and I meet many consultants and entrepreneurs who talk about rebooting their companies looking for new ways to show their real […]