Being Unique, Making Competition Irrelevant.

When everything changes faster than ever, it’s always tempting to fight hard to maintain the status quo since it feels safe, but something has changed in terms of how business life is working today. We’re in turbulent times, and it’s time to get hold of the best tools available and start using them before it becomes necessary. 

I meet many consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders who talk about rebooting themselves or their companies, looking for new ways to show their real value to attract new clients, talents, or investors. The paradox is that it’s no longer about being the best; it’s about being unique, making competition irrelevant.

Jack of all trades is the master of none, is a figure of speech, but it’s more important than ever since it deals with the pleasure of becoming genuinely good in your area. It’s about challenging mediocrity and focusing on one distinct area that you truly enjoy working in, have in-depth expertise, and in which you have the potential of becoming unique. It’s where your talents, passion, and commitment to join forces to allow you to achieve something great, aiming for mastery. It’s about building an excellent reputation. 

In this new marketplace, you should take every opportunity to find and share the unique things about you. More than ever, knowing your reputation is THE dividing-line since people will hire you or invest in you based on it. It has the potential of taking you to the next professional level and is the ultimate currency. 

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