Because Reputation Is Everything.

One question that keeps coming up when I talk to people is why reputation strategies aren’t more widely spread than they are, since reputation is everting. I must admit the same thing has crossed my mind many times. I can’t think of a single strategy with such a huge impact on your professional growth and economy as working with reputation. But, I keep struggling to find a good answer to that question.

Today I’m bold enough to state that working with your reputation is also the best tool for your professional growth. One thing that has become obvious when exploring the professional reputation of individuals is that we are far more talented than we know or give ourself credit for. Knowing your reputation builds the self awareness that makes you see your capacity in a whole new dimension.

I see reputation as a mindset, a lifestyle and a game changer since it highlights your capacity and what can be expected of you to accomplish. It means entering on an exciting journey built on your willingness to get to know and expand your unique qualities creating results and being aware of and handle your bugs that might hinder your success.

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