Handle You Bugs.

I must admit that I’m swaying back and forth on this one. It’s easy to get into the habit of working only on your advantages and, I’m a big fan […]


If You Dig It, GIG IT.

I get a lot of questions where you can order our new book ”If You Dig It, GIG IT.” We have chosen to publish it in a new way through […]


Talking About Bugs.

When working with an individual’s reputation I have a distinct focus on their perceived strengths and unique qualities. I never talk about weaknesses, instead we discuss the bugs that might […]


The Third Reputation Question.

Your reputation is built on the way you act and there are three important areas that you should handle. Build on your strengths, handle your bugs and consider what is […]

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What Keeps Me Going As An Entrepreneur?

Sometimes I’m asked what keeps me going as an entrepreneur and to me it’s about looking for new ways of doing things and become the nerd combining what I´m really […]


Getting Things Done.

The reason why people will hire you, invest in you or partner with you is your reputation for getting things done. It’s the ability to execute on a vision, reaching […]


The Challenge Of Communicating Your Value.

I often meet with consultants and entrepreneurs discussing how the their greatest challenge today is to communicate their value to clients, companies or investors. But, if you are not 100 […]


Hesitation For The Future?

When I ask people that I meet they have no problems telling me what great things they have accomplished in the past. But, when I ask them what can be […]