Advisory Board

2d6b786Mikael Kretz is a serial entrepreneur within IT. Started the consultant company Create in 2000 and is founder and co-founder of seven other companies. Mikael won the Ahrens growth league in south of Sweden 2007-2009 and was number 5 in Sweden 2008 with Create. He was nominated Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young), 2009.  In 2012 he co-founded the specialist consultant company group, Qgroup, which is now also being established in Silicon Valley.

Harrie_JPGHarrie Rademaekers is a creative/business development consultant.  His career is characterized by broad and in-depth experience of all aspects of brand building including new and alternative media. On the one hand through working with well-known brands at leading advertising agencies and, on the other, through commissioning work from client-side positions with overall responsibility for market communications

037173b0371df4c0ea7032010c8fbc37Sven Hultin works with HR transformation & Outsourcing at Zalaris. He is a social entrepreneur with a strong passion and thought leadership for strategic change, driven by new business models and  the future of Human Capital Management. Sven is the co-founder of job market disruptor, a digital meeting place that eliminates the friction unemployment for short jobs. Privately he is an avid X35-sailor with a large family.