A Reputation Mastery Mindset.

Many years ago, I read the book ‘The Inner Game Of Tennis’ by Timothy Gallwey’, and it had a significant impact on me. Not because I was a tennis player, but it was about a mastery mindset.

Today I meet many people who are striving to be the best in their business area. Nothing right or wrong here, but best compared to whom and what? It often ends up with a competition involving high marketing costs. 

To me, it’s instead about experiencing the pure joy of becoming genuinely good in my area where my talents, passion, and commitment come together to allow me to be heading for something great. It’s aiming for Mastery, being proud of my work and compare myself to no one.

Reputation Mastery is about having in-depth knowledge about and master your most valuable asset – your reputation. It’s about stretching yourself towards your true professional potential and at the same time excellently adding maximum value. It’s never about self-promotion; instead, it’s making your reputation to your most significant professional asset.

Because reputation is everything.

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