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The Beauty Of Reputation.

IMG_0923What made me work exclusively in the area of personal reputation for the last ten years? One of our most brilliant entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, said: ‘Success in life and in business is entirely built on your reputation’. The marketing icon Seth Godin wrote: ‘Your reputation has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do’. I didn’t need any more arguments.

I consider my reputation for being significantly more important than my professional track record, as the people who choose to work with me are investing in expectations for the future, not for the past. And I think this goes for all of us in the new world of work, making your reputation your greatest asset. 

Do you consider your reputation to be more important than your track-record? One reason is that it’s more valid to have words like thought-leader, game-changer or expert in your reputation instead of saying it about yourself. Also, an excellent reputation is something that we earn by doing truly great work, treating people well, and staying genuine. It’s about how you do things and the beauty of reputation.

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