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The Silent Reputation Revolution.

IMG_0865Success in life or in business is entirely built on your reputation. These words by Richard Branson says it all. Can you think of any other single strategy with the same impact on your professional life and economy as working with reputation? It’s that simple, and that hard but to me, it’s the elegance of simplicity.

There is a reputation revolution going on, but it’s a silent revolution that many of us aren’t quite aware of yet. Today knowing your reputation is THE dividing-line. People will buy from you, work with you, invest in you and hire you based on your reputation and the expectations that accompany it. But still, many of us are not aware of this going on and don’t use the benefits. 

Old management models are losing their potency today, and we need to find new approaches. Your future success will build on your reputation, the expectations that it creates, and the trust that you earn living up to it. If we can reach that understanding, make it a mindset, and commit to it, exciting things will happen. I genuinely love this challenge.

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