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Trust – The Currency of the Future.

IMG_0761I have read so many experts and futurists today saying  that the currency of the future is trust. I couldn’t agree more but we also have to consider how it’s being accomplished. Trust means living up to the expectations that your reputation sets. These three key words will be the cornerstone of the economy, the future of work and above all – your professional success. And, we are already there.

It also deals with the aspiration of becoming remarkable and experience the pure joy of becoming genuinely good in your area. People with the commitment to be remarkable build an excellent reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before they become necessary and start before they are ready continuously releasing the beta version of themselves. Remarkable people are worth talking about and seldom need a resumé, they get hired on their reputation and trustworthiness.

Building trust is focusing on the things that bring maximum value to others and not on self-promotion or personal brands.

(The picture is from where I’m working this month – Terricciola, Tuscany)

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