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Entering The Excellence Zone.

adult-blur-camera-610293I frequently get questions about the ‘stop-doing-list’ that I’ve been using for the past years. It’s a simple and brilliant tool to build reputation, handle your perceived bugs and the things that don’t make you feel on top of the world. The effect of continuously using the list is that it gradually pushes you into an excellence zone where your passion, unique qualities and dedication join forces to create great things without many distractions.

Success in life or in business is entirely based on reputation. Those iconic words by Richard Branson was one of the reasons why I with so much curiosity entered working in the field of reputation. When Seth Godin then wrote that your reputation has the same impact on your life as what you actually do, I understood that this would truly be an interesting field of exploration and I’m still on that road.

I think ambition is great, but a little weak, almost like wishing. Commitment is something different and it’s what you genuinely decided to accomplish. My commitment is to make the Reputation Resumé the most important document in your professional life. It’s a tool to get to know and using your unique qualities, resources and potential in the best way possible and never to be undervalued by yourself or others. It’s heading for excellence.

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