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Transforming Expertise into Professional Success.

E48968D6-77B4-49DD-8667-519FAC032447To be honest, ‘soft skills’ are not soft; they are the skills that generate results and are too important to be called soft. Seth Godin suggested ’real skills’ instead, and I would suggest that we upgrade them to ’result skills’. Without them nothing much happens with your expertise. Research from Boston University comparing star performers with average ones in companies around the world shows that expertise alone just never made the difference. You need something that transforms your expertise inte action with a successful result.

My experience after having explored the reputation of more than one thousand entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders gives me a pretty good idea what creates professional success. If I should highlight one, it would be a total self-awareness of those result skills – and also being aware of the flaws. The paradox is that others see it best which makes your professional reputation to your most important asset – and surprisingly unknown.

I see how many great talents go undetected and underused since they have such a hard time highlighting those unique qualities. We are much more talented than we know and take credit for. Knowing our reputation through a Reputation Resumé is a very powerful tool.

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