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The Immense Power Of Knowing Your Reputation

bud-helisson-465328-unsplashI’m a big fan of the elegance of simplicity.

If I would boil down the importance of your reputation into two sentences I would say that: Your future success will build on your reputation, the expectations that it creates, and the trust that it builds. If we can just reach that understanding; make it a mindset; and commit to it, exciting things will happen.

I would also add that: Knowing your reputation is the dividing-line. People will buy from you, work with you, invest in you and hire you based on your reputation and the expectations that accompany it.

Finally I would add Seth Godin’s profound words that: Your reputation has the same impact on your professional life as what you actually do.

What keeps surprising me though, is that so few are aware of the content of their reputation and all the opportunities that it opens up.

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