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Building Reputation Is Never About Self-Promotion.

D5D88D90-57D5-447F-95C1-1B944C41B3F9We often see risks more clearly than opportunities, and we can introduce past results more clearly than what can be expected of us. We accept average and sometimes call the crucial soft skills creating results for buzzwords. Almost everyone agrees upon that their reputation is their most valuable asset, yet most of us have no clue what it looks like. It’s time to think again.

Fiona Tribe from Australia wrote on Twitter: “If your personal brand is a reflection of who you really are, then I’d argue it’s not your personal brand. It’s just you.” That’s an interesting thought. Your reputation gives you a different perspective since it builds on how your actions are perceived and trusted.

Building an attractive reputation is never about self-promotion. The reputation mastery mindset is focusing on the value that you bring to others, and it’s feeling proud of your deliveries.

You could have bright business ideas or brilliant strategies but success always lands in your reputation. It sets the stage for interaction, builds trust, and it’s impossible to overestimate the value of it in your career or business.

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