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A Mastery Mindset – And A Lifestyle.

img_0800 08.10.19An important part of working with and expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche, be visible as THE expert, being the person people will listen to, trust, and hire. ”Jack of all trades is the master of none,” is a figure of speech, but it’s more important than ever. It’s about a mastery mindset.

This deals with the aspiration to be remarkable and experience the pure joy of becoming genuinely good in your area. People with the commitment to be remarkable builds an excellent reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before they become necessary and start before they are ready continuously releasing a beta version of themselves. Remarkable people are worth talking about and seldom need a resumé, they get hired on their reputation.

In whatever area you have the aspiration to be remarkable as a consultant or freelancer, you should focus on the importance of your reputation. It’s what people expect you to accomplish and how you will go about it. With the knowledge of the content of your reputation, you have the key to being hired for exciting projects or invested in. rawpixel-com-351766

A mastery mindset is about removing distractions to maximise important pursuits. It’s a mindset to focus on things that bring actual value and not on self-promotion or personal brands. You should question the myth that winners never quit since winners always quit the right thing at the right time. It creates work-life integration and is a great way to build reputation.

Many successful business owners, free agents, and entrepreneurs are devoted to this lifestyle and mindset creating freedom for themselves. It’s the freedom to work when they want with whoever they want pursuing things that provide fulfillment and add value.

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