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The Paradox – You Can’t Work On Your Reputation.

988A715F-185B-4EDB-983C-A648C88A09D7Reputation power is making the most excellent contribution in your particular area. The paradox is that you can’t work directly on your reputation; instead, it’s a by-product of your work. Reputation is something you earn by doing great work, treating people well and staying genuine. And doing the work in the way will fit you and the clients best. 

Today action goes before planning, but there are always things to consider or rather try out:

How do you want to work?

Where do you want to work

With whom do you want to work?

One of the goals by knowing and expanding your reputation is to become the person that people listen to, trust and hire – to be top of mind. At the same time, it’s the pure pleasure of becoming truly great in your area. It’s about bringing forward what you are genuinely interested in and combining it with the strengths of your reputation. It’s in this interface that you can grow and become outstanding.

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