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Heading For Reputation Mastery.

cowomen-1483244-unsplashSeth Godin is one of the most significant resources for entrepreneurs and leaders who are striving for success. He has highlighted three things about the crucial importance of your reputation. 1 – Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you actually do. 2 – The single best way to maintain your reputation is doing things that you are proud of. 3 – Reputation is what people expect us to do next. 

I have always been fascinated by the word Mastery both in sports, handicrafts and in business. It’s not about being the best; instead, it’s an exciting process to embrace a niche having the pure pleasure of becoming genuinely good in your area, standing out as unique. 

Reputation Mastery means focusing on the combination of your experience, growing your expertise and all those crucial soft skills that create results. It’s being a nerd in your area with an everlasting curiosity and a commitment to always feel proud of your deliveries. It’s focusing on the value that you bring to others. abigail-keenan-27295-unsplash 2

You can’t opt out from having a reputation, and you can’t ignore it; it’s how others perceive your work and your actions. Instead, you should get acquainted with it to influence it since it’s the foundation of everything. The self-awareness that comes from knowing your reputation is the number one success factor today.

I’m privileged to meet and work with some of the game changers who don’t have just a job; they have a true craftsmanship approach, with their reputation as their greatest asset. Developing an excellent reputation is also about a commitment to regularly push yourself beyond your comfort zone, keeping yourself in permanent beta while continuously expanding your skills.

I can’t see another single strategy with the same impact as working with your reputation.

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