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Do Personal Brands Really Exist?

08854719-6FBE-45F5-AE6C-A04E0B704893Now and then I find something genuinely profound on Twitter, this time from Fiona Tribe (White Owl) in Australia who wrote: “If your personal brand is a reflection of who you really are, then I’d argue it’s not your personal brand. It’s just you.” 

I never thought about it in that way! 

Your reputation gives you a different and more interesting perspective since it builds on how your actions are perceived and trusted.

Brilliant Gary Vaynerchuk wrote: “Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.” Well, Gary – I couldn’t say it in any better way myself. It’s a long term and exciting process always focusing on your actions, being proud of what you accomplish and deliver.

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