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What’s Needed In The Future Of Work?

bethany-legg-9248-unsplashI see many predictions about the future of work, but I find it more interesting to consider what will be needed. Reputation and trust will be the cornerstone for your success, and you will have to focus on your soft skills. You will need to make sense of complexity and combine resilience with the ability of shifting focus.

Soft skills are without any doubt becoming crucial since that’s what can’t be automated in the age of AI. It’s time to explore the extensive possibilities in this area since it’s about mapping your professional DNA, knowing what is moving you forward and what might stall you. 

Your soft skills are the skills that create results and Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, wrote that soft skills are hard to tally. The solution lies in getting self-awareness through knowing your reputation since that’s the best measure of both your talents and soft skills. 

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