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Working With Reputation – A Game-Changer.

85212B0B-AD73-4701-8126-03D63B1A1090I see reputation as a mindset, a lifestyle, an attitude, and a game changer. It builds on performance and is a tool to get hold of the critical elements that takes you to a new professional level. It highlights what can be expected of you and knowing your reputation will answer what situations produce brilliance and which produce our flaws. And, it gives you the tools to act upon them.

We attract clients, investors or get hired on our strengths, unique qualities and the expectations that our reputation sets. It has the same impact on our professional life as what we actually do. The paradox is that those are also the things that we have such a hard time describing in a trustworthy way. If you aren’t totally aware of what they look like, how on earth are you going to convince others? 

Let’s talk about reputation.

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