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Reputation, Personal Branding And The Five Super Skills.

rawpixel-com-369789The Institute for the Future puts forward five super skills that make you stay relevant in the marketplace and building reputation and a personal brand is one of the five. 

I’m often asked about the difference between personal branding and reputation or how they are intertwined. My answer is that they are two different species and a truly attractive, high-potential personal brand must always build on a trustworthy foundation of knowing your reputation. Your unique qualities, strengths, and bugs are in the eye of the beholders.

One way to start working with your reputation and personal brand is first to write down what you want people to say about you when you leave an important meeting or a project. Then start acting accordingly on a constant basis. 

After that, it’s time to get the real picture of how you actually are perceived by having your reputation explored getting your reputation report. Comparing those two pictures will get you many leads on how to improve and perfect your performance.

By the way – the other four super skills are: Digital Fluency – Building A Tribe – Making Sense Of Complexity and Resilience.

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