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Master Your Professional Assets.

annie-spratt-691939-unsplashToday we’re looking for attitudes, the soft skills and those unique qualities that create results and potential. Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, wrote in his book “The Start-up of You” that those skills are hard to tally. But there is an obvious solution. If you have your reputation mapped in a Reputation Resumé, you will get a 100% accurate description of those unique qualities.

I have to come back to management icon Seth Godin saying that your reputation has the same impact on your life as what you actually do. Can you think of any other key factor with the same magnitude as this? It’s time to master your professional assets and understand the importance of your reputation to attract the business and career opportunities you deserve.

Experts agree that greatness as a leader or entrepreneur requires self-awareness where your reputation is the critical tool.

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