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Your Reputation, Business and Career.

C5FDF204-690A-4D9F-B0A4-A4B8C24A4E21By exploring the content of your reputation, you will become aware of everything that’s crucial for the future of your career or business. You will understand your real skills and unique qualities that create results and get a trustworthy way to introduce them. It indicates your full potential and shows the bugs that might hinder your success and how to handle them.

One way to start working with your reputation is first to write down what you want people to say about you when you leave an important meeting or a project and then start acting accordingly. After that, it’s time to get the real picture of how you actually are perceived by exploring your reputation. Comparing those two pictures will get you many leads on how to improve and perfect your performance.

Seth Godin: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you actually do.”

It’s a privilege to serve in this area.

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