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My Reputation Journey – How It All Begun And Where It’s Heading.

PerFrykman.12Please forgive the length of this blog post but I’m often asked how my journey with the reputation concept begun and where I’m heading. So – here it is.

About ten years ago I had run a career business for some years where I had the opportunity to work with many postgraduates and their upcoming career moves. On one occasion I was also asked to help the experts in the Swedish Worklife Institute when it closed down to find new jobs. It was there it all begun.

I found that not even experts on work-life in Sweden had a clear picture of what the key factors were that got you hired for a job – or a project as an entrepreneur. They talked about ”those other factors” besides education that were so crucial, but they actually couldn’t pinpoint and introduce them in a trustworthy way. It’s the same factors that create success in your business and professional life whatever position you might have.

I made a decision that very day to set out on this exciting journey to find a solution to this challenge. Together with my colleague Karin Sandin we explored and developed the methods around reputation. 

Today, ten years later I’m convinced that the tool is working with reputation – to get your Skärmavbild 2014-11-18 kl. 11.58.40professional network to describe those vital skills that by many are called the real skills, the ones that create successful results. I have reached parts of my dream, the methods are in place, and I’m also by some considered a pioneer and a game changer in my field as a part of my reputation. And, I must confess that I’m darned proud of it.

I also discovered that reputation is so much more and I heard leading business people like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett saying that it’s the most critical part of their businesses. Brilliant Seth Godin wrote that reputation has the same impact on your life PerF.7as what you actually do. Leading futurists like Rachel Botsman talks about a new economy built on reputation and trust. Of course, I was excited since everyone agreed how important their reputation was but at the same time had no idea of what it looked like.

So, where do I go from here, what are the next steps that I see ahead of me? What I’m truly passionate about is spreading the ideas and experiences and challenge everyone to take their reputation to new heights and to stand out as the unique persons that they are. I want to bring everyone to the next professional level by making them understand the extraordinary power of understanding how they are perceived. It’s indicating their full capacity, and I’m committed to making the Reputation Report that I make for my clients to the most important document in their professional lives.

During these exciting years, I have met, and keep meeting, intriguing people who have been contributing with so many great ideas. It’s a great privilege to be able to create and work with a unique concept, and it’s with both pride and humility that I see how it’s affecting the professional lives of so many. 

I also have the privilege to work with some exciting and game-changing companies who have fully understood the power of reputation. Brilliant QGroup with their next generation approach to consulting is unique in their reputation approach, and I’m proud to work with them. In the leadership area Trustpartner has understood how crucial reputation is for leaders and the concept is now part of their program “For Executive Women.” These companies are true pioneers.

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