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Reputation Resumé – Your Most Critical Document.

IMG_0697I’m committed to make the Reputation Resume™ the most critical document in your professional life.

Your reputation is everything; it’s the one thing that everything in your professional life revolves around. You attract clients, investors or get hired on the expectations that your reputation sets on what you can accomplish and how. The Reputation Resumé highlights your unique qualities, strengths, and also bugs that might hinder your success. 

Your success doesn’t necessarily have to do with formal training but exploring your talents in new ways. It’s no longer about hard and soft skills but knowing your real skills that create results and your reputation will be the tool.

Twenty of my clients has chosen to undergo the process of mapping their reputation a second time after 4-5 years, and in every case, their reputation had improved substantially reaching new heights. What surprised me was that everyone said that they hadn’t done anything that they could put their finger on in the period in between. It puts reputation in a new dimension since they got their reputation into their mind and body and “just” lived and expanded it. It’s the true power of reputation.rawpixel-com-586685-unsplash

Working with a reputation resumé is about making you realize the huge power of knowing the hidden treasures of your reputation. It’s about delivering the practical tools to Richard Branson’s recent words that success in life and business is entirely based on your reputation. Or Seth Godin’s statement that Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do. 

Still many, whatever position, are surprisingly unaware of its content. The Reputation Resumé will put an end to that.

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